UK shredder Alex Kennedy is now a part of CULT. He is heading to Austin, TX at the end of this month for a road trip with the crew. Alex is pictured getting some clips with Seventies Charlie Jobling.

- How does it feel to be part of the CULT CREW, we know you had to wait till the Nike edit dropped to announce it?
yo, pysched on being a part of the crew!
yeah the wait wasn't all that but was worth it in the end.

-Trip to Austin should be good times, have you been there before?
word cant wait to hang out... i've been a couple times but only for a day, looking forward to checking it out for real.

-2010 is gonna be sweet, give some shout outs?
definitely! shouts to the rents, billy & wandle homies, french homies, stefan, nike, seventies, ian & 4down and everyone else thats helped me out along the way.


At March 11, 2010 at 9:41 AM , Blogger Mike said...

Yo! Dude has crazy skills.

Off topic: It was good to chill with you guys last weekend in Tucson. Sorry if I was like a 17 year old girl drunk of Boones Farm chatting your ear off. Shit happens...


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